iPhone 6 Release Date: September 10, 2013?

According to the latest scuttlebutt on iPhone 6 release date, Apple will be unveiling its next iPhone in just a couple of weeks: on September 10th.

next iPhone release  Sept 10Sounds like a date that could go down in Apple infamy, particularly as it’s not clear as to what actually will be debuted on that date. Plenty of questions abound as is customary with Apple, who has neither confirmed when the iPhone 6 will launch, nor when iOS 7 will become publicly available.

Here are some possible scenarios. This year could be the first time Apple will release more than one iPhone model, among which the iPhone 5S,  as well as a long-rumored low-cost iPhone, possibly named the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5S

There has been much speculation that Apple will launch an interim  iPhone 5S update model before its launching of its major update, the iPhone 6, coming perhaps as late as next year. Supposedly, iPhone 5S will still sport the same screen size and reveal only minor updates from its predecessor, the iPhone 5, however will supposedly launch on iOS 7.

The equi-probable, alternative stream of speculation indicates that Apple has dumped plans for an Phone 5S, jumping straight to the much anticipated iPhone 6. Such rumor as been reinforced by sources close to Apple who claim that Apple has been advised  that an iPhone 5S would not sit well with consumers and as such should skip right to the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5s with iOS 7Finally, the media, of course, sees it differently and has already dubbed the next iPhone model as “iPhone 5S.” This based on historical precedent in which Apple only produces one major upgrade every other year, and in between we get the “S” model. This is the model that delivers only marginal upgrades and is seen as an “off-year” product with only modest improvements. Nevertheless, if there’s one thing Apple is good at, it’s squeezing every last ounce of utility out of the supply chain, indicating that the company is generally content to stick with the same basic shape for at least two generations. Recall 3G/3GS, 4/4S.


iPhone 5c

Rumors of a low-cost,  “budget” iPhone have been swirling around the smartphone blogosphere for at least two years with the Wall Street Journal being a major perpetrator to this notion. Currently, however, there’s no firm evidence of Apple launching any device aimed at the lower end of the market, though it could prove to be a very good decision for those who can’t afford its flagship product. The prospect of a cheaper iPhone became more credible in the recent wake of cheaper Android phones whose collective impact caused serious declines in Apple’s marketshare.

A budget iPhone will most probably have a plastic shell  and come in a wonderful array of colors. It will be cheap, but maybe not as cheap as you think. Speculation is  that an unsubsidized low-budget, unlocked iPhone might actually run between $250 and $350 at a minimum. This is more expensive than most Chromebooks, as well as a far cry from the truly cheap smartphones out there. As for internals, there are few credible rumors, though it seems likely—given, again, Apple’s supply chain cleverness—that it will have the same guts as at least an iPhone 4S.

iPhone 6

Irrespective of the purported iPhone 6 release date, the most concordant thinking about this smartphone innovation is that, at the very least, it will include an improved A7 processor, though there’s little suggestion as to what aspects of functionality this upgrade will focus on. One rumor concerning internal improvement is that this new model will include higher capacity battery — but only by about 8 percent over the current model.

iphone 6 featuresiPhone 6 is also rumored to see some major camera improvements including a dual-LED flash that could be used to better scene brightness. Other scenarios include different colored LEDs that fire one at a time, using a color that better matches the scene to achieve a better white balance. Additional rumors concerning iPhone 6 features have suggested an improved camera sensor and lens as well, a possible upgraded sensor of 12- or 13-megapixels — up from just 8 on the iPhone 5, and a lens with wider aperture than earlier models, which would increase light collecting ability.

The great expectation for the next iPhone is a fingerprint scanner built directly into the device’s home button. Accordingly, the iPhone’s home button would be covered by durable sapphire crystal, just like what the iPhone 5 uses as a camera lens, and that the button will be convex, rather than concave, as it’s been on every iPhone to date. The sapphire’s extra protection would guard against scratches that would damage the sensor, since it would be protruding from the iPhone’s front surface. While all of this may sound somewhat futuristic, it isn’t totally unrealistic: such sensors have been included by Motorola to products like the Atrix 4G. Now Apple may now have the necessary technology to expand this idea in a big way. Last year it purchased the security firm Authentec,  which has worked on the type of biometric sensors that could be built right into a phone.

It’s not entirely clear what Apple would have the fingerprint scanner be used for, but speculation on the topic includes notions such as unlocking the device and facilitating secure mobile payments.

OK enthusiasts; that’s all for now. Apple iPhone 6 release date: 25 days and counting!


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